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Spare Air - The Life-Saving Mini SCUBA Tank.

A skydiver wears a reserve parachute, a SCUBA diver should have a reserve breathing system. For 40 years we’ve supplied divers with the smallest, most-compact redundant system available for out-of-air-emergencies. The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety minded diver. In an out-of-air-emergency, why would you trust your life to anything else? Read stories from divers who are alive because of SPARE AIR. is the official Spare Air mini SCUBA tank website for divers, snorkelers, boaters, and any short term emergency air needs.


Breathing Made Simple

Submersible Systems introduces a safety product specifically designed for the extreme water-sport enthusiast. The SPARE AIR® Xtreme Sport uses the same proven technology that SCUBA divers have using since the sport became popular. For 40 years, divers around the world have used SPARE AIR to perform self-rescues and to save others where only a few extra breaths are necessary to prevent drowning. The HEED version of the SPARE AIR has been helping the Military, Firemen and other rescue personnel save lives in land rescue situations.


One Kit with Endless Possibilities.

The EasyDive Kit is a complete dive & snorkel system. Just grab and you are ready for your next dive & snorkeling adventure. The Kit incorporates the NEW Snorkelator® – a patented technology that offers divers the ability to combine their snorkel to any diving regulator. Switch from snorkel to regulator with the flick of a switch. No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, snorkelers can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would require.

HEED 3 - The Original Helicopter Emergency Egress Device

The Helicopter Emergency Egress Device 3 (HEED 3) manufactured by Submersible Systems, Inc. is a compact, lightweight and reliable self contained breathing apparatus. The HEED 3 is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term out-of-air emergencies.

  • Provides lifesaving air needed to egress from a downed aircraft or a rolled vehicle in the water.
  • Ideal for all helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, float planes, watercraft and vehicles that operate around possible water emergencies.
  • Protects personnel from inhaling dangerous and lethal toxic fumes from fire or smoke.

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